Corporate Culture Inclusiveness and Diversity, Striving for Excellence

Corporate Culture

While growing toward better performance and bigger scale, Chuantou Energy aims to promote both material and spiritual civilization. Specifically, while pursuing to become an industrial leader, the company constantly promotes its corporate culture, enriches its cultural contents and works toward its future target.

Based on its own position as well as the position of its invested companies, Chuantou Energy has put forward its unique corporate culture, including the guidelines and the classified cultural principles, thus forming a diversified and open cultural structure.

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Company Positioning

As the parent company and the investor, Chuantou Energy is the center of strategic decision, capital operation and financial control.

As the entity for industrial investment, Chuantou Energy is the center for production and operation, cost control as well as profit realization.


Core values : Constant learning, synergy toward prosperity

Goal : Capital creates values and pragmatism creates great undertaking

Vision : Working to become an industry leader

Mission : Benefiting the shareholders and the whole society, working toward lasting prosperity

Spirit : Managing the company as in the military, learning as if in the school, caring the workers as they are in their home, and supporting each other as they are family

Classified corporate principles

Development concept :  Scientific and harmonious development

Management concept : Putting the people first and prioritizing the tasks

Operation concept : Prudent in operation, management, business service, accounting and projects and clarify responsibilities and performances

Capital operation concept : Increase values and improve performances

The concept of talent : Putting the people first, cherishing virtues and valuing talents

The concept of learning : Lifelong learning in a happy and efficient manner

The concept of service : Joining hands in creating a brighter future

The concept of security : Clarifying duties, promoting safety awareness and knowledge, and standardizing safe conducts